A Goodly Heritage

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This morning my cousin, Alice made me cry. Another friend re-posted one of the posters promoting my new book and Alice posted a verse in the comment section. Here is the poster:


Here is the verse she posted.

Psalm 61:5b “…thou hast given me the heritage of those that fear thy name.”

It made me cry. Now, admittedly I am tired after just arriving home from a long road trip that followed a busy but awesome time of memory reviewing and building.

One of the highlights of the trip occurred on the first day of the trip home. Our cousin, Gordon who lives in the Sandhills offered to take us to the site of the sod house where Daddy was born. Here is a picture of the sod house.

Good Old Days

In addition he offered to take us by to see the barn my great-grandpa built on his property in Jones Grove, half a mile from the sod house. It has since been moved and beautifully maintained. Here is a picture of the barn.


So, we decided to rearrange our trip home and take advantage of the opportunity! Lesson one of this post—take advantage of the opportunities you are handed to learn more about your heritage.

I suggested my parents come down as far as the Sandhills with us and then they could see it too.

So, Thursday morning bright and early we left Rapid City with Mom and Daddy following. When we arrived at Gordon’s ranch his wife Jan had prepared a picnic lunch to take with us. We all piled into his double cab pickup and off we went.

First we visited the barn and it was AWESOME. To think that this barn was built almost 100 years ago and is still being used! It was moved across country on wheels—an amazing feat in and of itself.

Then we proceeded to the site of the sod house. It turns out that the rancher who now owns the land and the barn remembered exactly where the sod house stood. He was there as a boy and it was etched firmly in his mind. (More on Mr. Burr and his memories another time.)

We stood in this beautiful valley, so green with the spring rains they have been blessed with. I imagined Grandma enjoying the spring air. Then I thought about winter and I couldn’t help but remember her statement about “the good old days.”

I took a picture of Daddy on the site of his birth.


We traveled over the valley to the Jones Grove planted by my grandpa and his parents and siblings. We tromped through the fallen branches and looked for evidence of old foundations. We ate a picnic lunch. Then we discovered it. The foundation of the barn.


So, when Alice posted that verse this morning I couldn’t help but think of another verse—one I put in my book.

The lines have fallen to me in pleasant places, yea I have a goodly heritage (Psalm 16:6).


You see, I am who I am today not just because of the heritage of the sod house and the Jones Grove. I am who I am today because of the heritage of godly lives. Grandpa and Grandma Jones gave their lives to Jesus. They put their trust in a God who could be trusted. Because of that decision they were able to give their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren not only an awesome heritage in this world, but one for eternity too!


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  1. Jan Jones

    Very well written – and such neat Scripture verses! So glad you rearranged your trip to take the tour!