The Nearly Twins and the Secret in the Mason Jar

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by Miriam Jones Bradley

May Lynn Neely is 27 days older than her brother, Bryce, which makes them “nearly twins.” They’re smart, curious, and full of energy—so much energy you might think there ought to be more than just the two of them. This brothersister pair brings loads of fun wherever they go.
Buried treasure doesn’t have to be only in a pirate’s chest and adventures aren’t only for grown-ups. Now that they’re back home after helping the Double Cousins solve the mystery of Custer’s gold, the Nearly Twins are itching to have a mystery of their own. So excitement runs high when they dig up an old mason jar with objects sealed inside. Does the Alzheimer’s patient hold the crucial clue? Can they fit together the history and people, as well as the geography and geology of the western North Carolina mountains, to find the answer? Is there an actual treasure at the end of their quest?


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