A Librarian's View

As the Librarian of Shannon Forest Christian School in Greenville, South Carolina, I cannot express enough how much we enjoyed having Miriam Jones Bradley on our campus recently during the week of our Book Fair. Not only did she share with our 1st-5th grade students her journey to becoming an author, but she also shared the stories behind her books and how her books came to be, which our students enjoyed so much! To say they were enamored with her stories is putting it lightly! She shared steps of the writing process, but did so with such a zeal for reading and writing, that our students could not wait to purchase her books at our Book Fair to read her every word! We would have Miriam Jones Bradley back on our campus again in a heartbeat. God has truly blessed her with many gifts!--Jen Malone

Constance Cloud

"Mrs. Bradley is an effective communicator who takes delight in sharing her memories of grandparents, aunts, uncles, and other family with her audience.  When she speaks to school age children she combines her experiences with solid techniques for writing that inspires and entertains one's audience."

Dana Clark, Christian Elementary School Teacher

"My students loved the mystery and suspense of this novel.  They couldn't
wait for the next chapter."

"As a Christian school teacher, I love being able to recommend books that
are well written and have a solid salvation message.  This is one of those
unique books with an intriguing storyline and biblical foundation."

Jeremy - third grade student

"I really liked your book. I think you should have Slim in every book. Then you should call the series "The Mysteries of Slim."

April Weaver - Third Grade Teacher

"Thank you so very much for coming out to visit and talk to our third graders at Millbridge Elementary. They talked about you for days.  And, honestly, I listened to even more talk at home from my own child Jack. He told his dad all about you.

You are a great speaker to children. They typically hate writing except for those it comes naturally to. I think talking about how writing being a process is great. They need to know how long it takes one to publish and how many times it comes back."

Vicky Robbins Barkman,--home school Mom

“ I'm reading your first book to the kids at lunch time...they don't want me to stop...they always beg for another chapter.”

Sarah Pisney

"I ordered your new book last week from amazon.com after reading about it on Bruce's facebook page. (Bruce is my cousin.) It arrived today. Just wanted to let you know my 12 year old daughter is almost finished reading it. I home-school her and her 10 year old brother. They both love mysteries, but it is hard to find ones that we approve of as a Pastor's family. Bethany started reading the book as soon as she was done with her schoolwork today. She has been on the lazy-boy under a blanket and is seriously "into" this book. I asked her what she thought a few minutes ago and she said you did "a great job and should definitely write more books!" I hope you get your others published soon so she can enjoy them! Thanks for taking the time to write a book that kids can enjoy and parents can trust."

Barb Yirka

Ms. Bradley--my grandchildren loved your Double Cousins mystery and are wondering when then next one is coming out. And so am I! I think your book(s) will make marvelous gifts for them, as well as for any other youngsters of my acquaintance. Also for donations to our library and other organizations looking for suitable, fun books for young people. It seems there are so few of that kind.
Thank you.

Lisa Heidrich

"Miriam has a magnetic speaking dynamics that engage audiences of ALL ages"  - Lisa Heidrich, RN, CCM, CHP, author of Speaking Confidence.

Jody Dorris

A testimonial for The Double Cousins and the Mystery of the Rushmore Treasure:

"This is another great book by Mrs. Bradley and is full of mystery as well as history! It was an easy, enjoyable read for me as an adult, and I'm sure upper elementary to middle school students will find it enjoyable as well. I especially enjoyed the author's notes as to what was history and what was make-believe. Two thumbs up!"