When the Watch Stops

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When the Watch Stops

My husband bought me a new watch the other day. Well, really it is an old watch. He decided I needed a wind-up one in addition to the quartz watch I was wearing. I used to have a wind-up watch and I loved it. But when quartz watches came in vogue and I made the switch. After all, no winding!

I was delighted with my new/old watch and happily put it on my wrist. I held the watch to my ear and listened to the soft ticking. I love hearing a watch tick. So relaxing. Over the next couple of days I smiled every time I checked the time. The watch was so beautiful. Until it stopped.

What? Was it broken? Then I realized what the problem was. I hadn’t wound it.

I forgot that one little detail. So, I wound it, reset it and it was as good as before. My husband asked how it was working. Was it keeping time? I laughed and told him it was doing fine as long as I wound it. He said if it had any problems it might need cleaned. No telling if it has ever been cleaned.

That got me thinking. I’m afraid I’ve become a bit like an unwound watch, maybe even one that needs a good cleaning.

You see, over the past couple of years we have embarked on a grand experiment. Is it possible for Miriam to write, edit, get published, and promote two books a year while maintaining her day job and life at home?

Custer's Gold cover final

During that time I have written three children’s mysteries, they have all been released, and my husband put together, designed, edited and published a collection of my columns from Newberry under the title of You Ain’t From Here, Are Ya? So, in the past fifteen months we have released four books.

Final Cover

So, yes. I can write a book every six months. I can market each book, kind of. But, after the third one my watch stops. I come unwound. I need a good cleaning and must be rewound. I need a break.

My newest release The Nearly Twins and the Secret in the Mason Jar arrived at my parent's house while we were in Rapid City! YAY!

My newest release The Nearly Twins and the Secret in the Mason Jar arrived at my parent’s house while we were in Rapid City! YAY!

Besides, with each new project always looming ahead there wasn’t truly time to focus on the marketing. Hence, we have a lot of books sitting at our house in boxes. We need to do more marketing.


So, the plan for now is no more new books will be written at least for a year. During that year I will focus on marketing, home life, and work. Oh, and rewinding my watch.


What about you? Are you taking the time needed to rewind? I would love to hear your favorite ways to rewind your internal watch! Please share below.

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  1. Sandy Carlson

    I so hear you, Miriam. (tick-tock) I self published 6 books in 2 years and discovered the same as you. Not much time to market. At least you have a series which if someone buys one and likes it, they will purchase others. Good luck to your cleaning year.