What is a Double Cousins Anyway?

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This week I visited two schools and spoke to nine classes. I found myself answering the question, “What does it mean to be a double cousin?” Several times. So, this afternoon I thought: Why not write a blog on that topic! Then I remembered something. I think I did that before! So I went back in my Double Cousins blog and found it. 

So, this is a somewhat edited repeat from January of 2011. I hope it helps you understand!

The Original Double Cousins

When I chose the name for my book I had no idea that the term “Double Cousins” would be such a difficult concept for people. It was not difficult for me. In fact, it seemed rather normal. I guess not every family has the history that mine does.

Let me explain.

In 1929 my Grandma’s sister, Florence Trunnell married Ervin Jones. Shortly thereafter, my Grandma went to visit her sister and new brother-in-law and Ervin’s brother George was there. Evidently they noticed each other. In fact, they were married in 1930, after Grandma turned eighteen.

George & Mildred  (2)

George and Mildred Jones, early 1931

These events inevitably connected these two families—not once—but twice for all time. Ervin and Florence were married more than fifty years and Grandpa and Grandma Jones (George and Mildred) were married 67 years.There were eight children born out of these two marriages and they are double cousins.

Through the past 71 years these two families have met over and over. Still, every other summer the children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and great-great grandchildren of Grandpa and Grandma Jones’ siblings meet in Broken Bow, NE for a reunion. What started as the George and Mildred Jones family reunion now encompasses any of my dad’s cousins and families that want to come. This includes the double cousins. The original double cousins.

While I was growing up, this GREAT aunt and uncle came and went in our lives depending on where we lived in relation to them. Florence and Ervin were especially influential in our lives during the year-and-a-half between mothers.

When Mommy died Grandma and Aunt Florence sewed our clothes. When we got snowed in at Christmas, we hunkered down and then went to Florence and Ervin’s at New Year’s to meet Grandma and Grandpa Jones and celebrate. They showed up on our door step to say hi, trade a few things, or just love on us with their presence. They were like another set of Grandparents. I wish I had realized how special they were to me in time to tell them. . .

Florence and Ervin Jones

Florence and Ervin Jones, December 31, 1976

George & Mildred 70s 0001

George and Mildred, approximately 1973

 Fast forward two generations. In 1986 my sister, Cheryl married Norman Eggers. In 1993 my brother, Clark married Cindy Eggers.

 199306a Clark & Cindy, Norm & Cheryl

Clark and Cindy (Eggers) Jones and Cheryl (Jones) and Norman Eggers

Their twelve children are double cousins. The Jones and Eggers families are connected just like the Trunnell and Jones families. It is an amazing thing to watch. These twelve cousins are great friends. I hope that in fifty years they are still getting together to enjoy the family connection. I hope they are still getting together with descendents of all of Grandpa George and Grandma Mildred’s siblings. More importantly, though is the hope that all of them will meet again someday in heaven. Please, please. . . meet me there.