What I Learned About Daddy Since He Died

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What I Learned About Daddy Since He Died

If you’ve read any of my blogs or my posts on Facebook you know that I have a very high opinion of my Daddy. To me, he is the godliest man I have ever known. As perfect as any human could get, in my estimation.


But, I’ve learned something about Daddy since he died and I would like to share it with you. I am confident that he would want me to share it too.


As is normal after the loss of someone you love, I see Daddy in everything that happens. Someone shares a pun and I think, “Daddy would love that.” I read a bit of wisdom and I remember Daddy saying the same thing. I see older men in the store or at work and they remind me of him. When we sing hymns at church, there are just those that grab my heart. Daddy’s favorites.

As Fall approaches again I remember this was Daddy’s favorite season. When I visit Biltmore I think about how much he would enjoy visiting this beautiful place. (Of course I remind myself that it can’t compare to heaven.) I see a documentary about an historic event and it reminds me of his love of history.

But, the place where I’ve learned something new about Daddy isn’t on the television, in nature, or in people around me. Not even in hymns at church.


The place I’ve learned something about Daddy is in my Bible, which of course, Daddy would think was the obvious place to look!


Just about every time I open my Bible I come across a passage that gives me an “AHA!” moment.  A passage giving instruction in how to live a godly life. “So that’s how Daddy did that!” In church the Pastor preaches on them. In devotionals I read more instructions and see Daddy’s life.



I remember specific times in his life where he taught them, or experienced the trial that required the response, or even acknowledged the difficulty of following the instruction. Over and over I see the pattern he followed.




You see, Daddy was a pattern guy. He liked to know the right way to do things. This was taught him by his Dad and I think it was an innate trait to a certain extent. He once told me that one thing he loved about military life was the structure. He thrived on structure. Routine. Things in order. His brain worked best that way.

Not only did he thrive on the structure in the military, but when he was in Japan he met missionaries who discipled him using the Navigators materials and their street preaching ministry. At some point in his early Christian life, Daddy came to realize something that changed him forever.


The Bible is an instruction book. A pattern for Godly living. It is God’s “How to Be like Christ for Dummies” book, in modern vernacular. I think Daddy realized that this was the key. And he could do that. He could read the instructions and follow them. Oh, it wouldn’t be easy. It would take a lot of self-control, failing, trying again, asking forgiveness, and starting over. But there was even a pattern for asking forgiveness! And, if the pattern was there, he would follow it. And so he did. Day by day. Year by year. Decade by decade, until he woke up in heaven.


Why? Because the love of God that caused Jesus to pay for Daddy’s sins constrained him.

After all, if God would forgive his sins and then give him an instruction book to follow. . . well, DUH!

So, what did I learn about Daddy? Not just that he lived his life by the principles of God’s word. I’ve shared this meme enough times for you to know that I already realized that.

No, I learned that he wasn’t some extra-special holy man. He was just like the rest of us. A sinner. But he was a sinner saved by grace.


One who determined to follow the instruction book.  And THAT’s what made the difference.


And then, in my head I hear him say, “What about you, Miriam. What about you?”


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  1. Deanna K Klingel

    How To Live Like Christ for Dummies! I just love that, Miriam. It is so you. I love reading about your Dad. He must be missed by everyone who knew him; such an extraordinary personality.