The Double Cousins Celebrate!

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The Double Cousins Celebrate!

How can it be?

Ten years ago today I posted this picture of my sister’s five children each reading a copy of my first book, The Double Cousins and the Mystery of the Missing Watch.

As it would happen, the books that were shipped to South Dakota arrived BEFORE the books shipped to me in South Carolina. So they got to see the book first. While I didn’t think it was quite fair at the time, it did make for a great photo-op, one I still cherish.


So, here we are now, ten years and six more books later. There are currently five Double Cousins books, two nonfiction books, and a spin-off mystery that still dreams of becoming a series. Someday.

But, back to the Double Cousins. A ten year anniversary seems like a big deal. Perhaps even some kind of a celebration—or something! So, here you go!

I am here and now announcing the end of the Double Cousins Series.


Yep, you heard me right. But it’s a good thing. Really!


A couple of weeks ago I signed contracts for the last two books in the Double Cousins Series. That will bring the number to a perfect seven and all seven mysteries will have occurred in the span of one year’s time. Yes, it has been a busy year for Max, Carly, et al.



The book I am currently working on is set at camp in Wyoming. What a delight that I received pictures yesterday on Facebook of the young people and counselors at Camp Mallo right now! The only thing better would be if I had been there myself!

An old picture from camp. Double and Single cousins at camp. Approximately 13 years ago.

So, now you know what I’ll be doing for the next few months. The plan is that both books will be out next summer, one in time for camp and the other for our family reunion in Broken Bow, Nebraska.

The series will end where it started—at the ranch, of course!