Rolls, Muffins, Cookies, and Bread. . .

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Rolls, Muffins, Cookies, and Bread. . .

In the Double Cousins and the Mystery of the Rushmore Treasure, Chad makes up a chant to help sell items at a bake sale held to save Mr. Crosby’s store. It goes like this:


Rolls, muffins, cookies, and bread. Help keep the water off Mr. Crosby’s head. Stop and get yours before the bake sale is dead. Rolls, muffins, cookies, and bread.


When my sister-in-law read it out loud to her children, my youngest nephew, then six got a huge kick out of the chant. He walked around saying it over and over. His brothers picked up on it and it mutated to:


Rolls, muffins, cookies, and bread. Make Aunt Miriam famous before she is dead!

Double Cousins and the Mystery of the Rushmore Treasure

I thought it was hilarious. Evidently Chad is the favorite cousin in some circles because he is so funny. My source said this: “He gets all the good lines.”


Last month we had an opportunity to once again celebrate rolls, muffins, cookies, and bread. Well, at least cookies and bread! When planning the book launch party for the most recent mystery, The Double Cousins and the Mystery of Custer’s Gold, my husband and I decided to use recipes from the different nationalities who immigrated to Nemo, South Dakota during the Sawmill era.

Custer's Gold Launch Party 151014d


The countries represented were Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany, French Canada, Ireland, and America. We sent out a message to friends, looked online and came up with cookies, Irish soda bread, potato candy, zucchini bread, brownies, and Swedish rosettes, among others. My husband made flags for each country and a label for each cookie.


I enjoyed watching people gather around the table and discuss the different cookies. It ended up being a highlight of the event. I believe the favorites were the potato candy and the Norwegian pepper cookies. The prettiest, by far, were the rosettes.


The only thing missing from the day was a real visit from Chad. I would love to hear what he had to say about that table of food!


Cookies and bread, Chad would have said. To promote the book, whatever it took, to plant a rhyme in their head, using cookies and bread.


Today, I want to share the recipe for potato candy. After all, it really won the award for the most unique!

Old Fashioned Potato Candy

 1 small potato

 2 pounds confectioner’s sugar

  Peanut butter

Peel and slice potato. In small sauce pot, cover with water and cook until soft. Drain potato and place in mixing bowl. Mash potato. Add ½ sugar and mix well. Mix in remaining sugar, scraping down sides as needed.

Line countertop with waxed paper dusted with powdered sugar. Place dough on wax paper and dust with sugar. Roll out to ¼ inch thick. Spread dough with peanut butter. Roll up like cinnamon rolls into a log. Roll up in the waxed paper. Cut it in half. Place in ziplock bag. Refrigerate until ready to serve. Then remove waxed paper and slice into ¼ inch slices.

Stay tuned for information about how you can get more recipes featured at the book launch party!