More Than A Casserole And A Bag Of Toilet Paper!

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More Than A Casserole And A Bag Of Toilet Paper!


“Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.” James 1:27

“Mom you know what Mrs. Mount told me tonight?” Dorie rested her hand on Carly’s shoulder and leaned forward from the back seat of the van.

“What, dear?” Mrs. Rawson turned sideways in her seat.

“Did you know she and her husband lost their house in a fire years ago?”

Mrs. Rawson looked at her husband. “I don’t think I knew that. Did you, honey?”

Mr. Rawson scratched his head. “Yeah, I think I did. It was twenty years ago, or more.”

Carly turned sideways in her seat so she could see Dorie. “That’s awful.”

Dorie nodded. “Well, she mentioned it tonight when she was signing up for the cookies. She said cookies were the least she could do for Mr. Crosby. Evidently, Mr. Crosby and his wife paid for three months of rent for them in an apartment after the fire. Mrs. Mount said that without them, she didn’t believe they would have ever gotten back on their feet.”

Max shook his head. “I knew Mr. Crosby liked to help people, but three months of rent? That’s more than a casserole and a bag of toilet paper, isn’t it?”

“It sure is,” said Carly. The van turned onto 8th Avenue, then pulled into the driveway. Carly leaned against the window and stared out into the darkness. Across the street Mr. Crosby’s store looked lonely. No wonder Mr. Crosby doesn’t have the money to fix up his store. We have to help him. We all do. But will we be able to get enough money?

Excerpt from The Double Cousins and the Mystery of the Rushmore Treasure, pg. 55.

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