Keep Your Eyes On The Line!

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Keep Your Eyes On The Line!

Keep Your Eye On The Line!


“How much further to Cade’s Cove, Dad?” Bryce leaned as far forward as his seatbelt would allow. May Lynn looked up from her book, waiting to hear their dad’s response. Bryce and May Lynn had been looking forward to this trip to Tennessee for several weeks.


Mr. Neely glanced into the rear view mirror. “A little over an hour, I think. We’re just getting to The Gorge.”


“What’s The Gorge?” May Lynn asked.


“You’ll see,” he said. “It’s the road they built through the Pigeon River Gorge between North Carolina and Tennessee. It’s windy, narrow, and steep. It’s a lot of fun.”


May Lynn covered her face with her book. Bryce grinned. “Sounds fun to me.”


“Tell me when it’s over,” May Lynn said


Soon the curves came more often and were tighter. Bryce could tell they were entering the gorge. Semi trucks lined the right lane and Mr. Neely carefully navigated around them. Bryce found himself leaning toward the middle of the car and away from the trucks as they passed.


May Lynn grinned at him. “Dad, I think Bryce is a little nervous.”


“Why is that?”


“He’s leaning toward me whenever we pass a semi.”


Mrs. Neely turned around and smiled at them. “I don’t blame him. It made me nervous too until your dad explained how he does it.”


Mr. Neely nodded. “See, I keep my eyes on that outside yellow line as I pass. That’s where I keep my focus. That way I don’t wander into the truck.”


“But what if the truck comes toward you?” Bryce bit his lip. This was freaky.


“Good question, Bryce.” Mr. Neely held the steering wheel with both hands and his eyes never left the road. “My focus is on the yellow line, but out of the corner of my eye I watch the truck.”


Bryce relaxed. “That makes a lot of sense.”


Mrs. Neely tilted her head to one side. “You know, life is like that in a lot of ways. You need to keep your focus on God and pointed ahead, toward the goal, not on the world and all of the things going on around you.”


May Lynn piped up. “So, that way you don’t get sucked in by the bad stuff and start worrying.”


“Right,” her mother said. “You have to be aware of the dangers and what is around you, but you sure don’t want that to be your focus.”


Mr. Neely let out a big sigh. “Whew, I think I’ve managed to get around that long string of trucks. Oh, look here is a tunnel.”


“Honk the horn, Dad,” Bryce said.


Mr. Neely glanced back at his son. “That’s just what I was thinking, Bryce. Tell me when!”


May Lynn and Bryce looked at each other and at the same moment they called, “Now!”




Psalm 16:8

I have set the Lord always before me: because he is at my right hand, I shall not be moved.