Here, Let Me Show You . . .

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Here, Let Me Show You . . .

What do my plans for the month, Mentoring Month, and you have in common? Let me tell you!

Folly Beach MM 033

I hear these questions often. “How do you write a book? How long does it take? Where do you get your ideas?” There are several questions here, but the bottom line is, “What is your process?”


I do my best to answer the specific question, but sometimes I can tell that the person asking would love a little more information. But telling someone how you do something in detail is a bit overwhelming, isn’t it?


This is National Mentor Month, something I didn’t know until I looked at my “National Day Calendar.” Who knew? Certainly, it seems that I have already had several opportunities to encourage beginning and young writers this year. I love it. It makes me happy to help someone who is just starting out, or maybe just needs a bit of encouragement.

Folly Beach MM 012

So, how can I celebrate National Mentor Month? God gave me an idea yesterday while on my way to Myrtle Beach for a working retreat. Yes, I will be at the beach for most of the next month to work on important projects. I have a list. A long one.


But, the number one item on the list—the priority—is to write the fifth mystery in the Double Cousins Mystery Series. I don’t have a title yet, but it will be set in North Platte, Nebraska, and I do have a pretty good idea of the plot! My goal is to go home with a completed manuscript, ready for my last-minute edits. During writing break times I’ll work on the rest of the list.

books at myrtle beach

So, what’s all of this about mentoring?


I would like to invite you along on this journey. There are many of you out there who love the Double Cousins. Some of you love writing.  You may be contemplating writing a book yourself. Now, I’m not here to say this is THE WAY to do it. I just want to share MY process and maybe you can gain a little information from it—and probably a whole lot of amusement!


So, if you are up for the experience, make sure you have “liked” my Double Cousins Mysteries (Ages 7-13) Facebook page because THAT is where the action will be. At least once a day, maybe several times, I’ll be journaling there about the process: the good, the bad, and the “what was I thinking!”


Some posts will be educational, some informational, some silly, and some probably mindless I’ve-been-writing-so-long-my-brain-is-fried. But, hopefully you can get a feel for what is involved. Here are a few possible  topics:


  • How I organize the project.
  • How I stay focused. . . or not!
  • How I work to overcome personal writing pitfalls.
  • What happens when the story takes a turn I don’t expect. (It can happen, you know!)
  • What I learn along the way about writing and editing.
  • Things I pick up from writing books I read this month.
  • What about other demands on my time . . . like the ongoing work on the book coming out this Spring!
  • And more. . .


So, hang on to your computer mouse . . . here we go!


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    Looking forward to learning some new techniques