Giving Up The Rights

Posted by on Nov 3, 2016 in Blog, Double Cousins |

20160906_071134A few weeks ago, on the back deck of a vacation cabin in North Carolina I officially gave up the rights to all of my books.

Let me explain.

My husband and I had the opportunity to stay at a cabin for a couple of days for the purpose of planning a marketing strategy for the rest of this year and next. After all, we have released four books in the past 15 months. (Yes, we did that crazy thing.) Now it is time to sell some books.

My daddy taught me that when undertaking a great endeavor we should ask for God’s help and wisdom, so I started my day by reading my Bible and praying. I read my Psalms for the day, but the verse “If any one lack wisdom let him ask of God” (James 1:6) kept popping into my head so after a little searching I found the passage and read it. Then I bowed my head and I informed God that He needed to help me in this marketing thing. That I knew I needed wisdom from Him and I was officially asking for it. I reminded Him that he said if we lack wisdom we are supposed to ask for it. So I was asking. So there.

Then the Holy Spirit reminded me of a few facts.

God arranged every positive marketing event I’ve already experienced.

God gave me the talent I needed to write.

God gave me the ideas for the books.

God gave me the children who like to read the books.

God gave me a publisher.

God gave me a husband who is perfectly suited to help me in this endeavor.

God already has it all planned.

Indeed, these books are HIS plan. Not mine.

And suddenly I realized. I might be “the author.” But, I don’t own all of the rights. Those belong to God. I just get the earthly ones.

So, I started over. “Lord, I’m sorry. Show me your plan for the books. Help me to remember this is your project. I’m just the tool.”

A tool in God’s hands! Wowie Pizzowie!

And that’s the true story about the day I gave up the rights to my books. For more information about how that worked for me . . . well, stay tuned! I’ll be posting an installment of my newsletter on here in the next week with all of the details.