Thoughts on Dads and Mother’s Day

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Thoughts on Dads and Mother’s Day

It is Saturday morning and I’ve spent the past hour or so drinking coffee, poking through social media sites and catching up with the world. There are so many wonderful Mother’s Day posts out there. Warm, fuzzy ones. God-honoring ones. Funny ones. And men slamming ones. What? Yep, they are there.


I don’t like these. Let me tell you why.

1972 08a Family

I was given the gift of two amazing mothers, my Mommy and then, when God called her home, Mom. Words can NOT adequately describe the power these two women had in molding me into who I am. God gave me the perfect tag-team to meet the goals He had for me. Incredible. This mother’s day I want to honor them. I want to shout to the entire world, I AM BLESSED BEYOND MEASURE.

1974 (1) Marvin & Dortha Wedding


But, there is someone else in that equation. My daddy.


First, my mother and father chose each other based on the fact that they were in love. They also made this decision based on a lot of prayer and a confidence that this was the person God meant for them to marry. When they married in 1957, they became a team. Each of them utilized their strengths to create the marriage and home that my siblings and I needed to be born to. They chose well.


When the unimaginable happened and Mommy went to heaven, Daddy grieved. Then, he sought God’s will. He knew that he needed a wife, a partner in ministry, and a mother for his children. He knew that the Sovereign God had a plan. He put himself in the place of finding that plan. He chose again and he chose well!

Every Decision

Twice! Forty-four years later it is obvious to all that know them that Mom and Daddy are a great team. They compliment each other. They are uniquely gifted for the ministry God gave them. And, Mom was exactly what Daddy needed in a mother for his children. Exactly. No one could have done a better job or been a better Mom to us.


And Daddy—with God’s direction chose her.


You see, when you let God lead and choose well, that other person makes you better. Better at being who you should be. Better at being all God wants you to be. My mothers did that for Daddy. And, he did that for them.


So, I find it makes me cringe when attempts at humor put down the dads out there. They are part of a team. Moms are incredible. Moms are great! We have to have moms.


But moms need the dads and dads need the moms. That’s the way God intended it to work. Let’s not put down one to lift up the other. Let’s lift them both up!

Daddy's Pictures 001bMom and Daddy at wedding

So, Happy Mother’s Day to Marvin Jones—after all, he was our only “Mom” for eighteen months—Nora Ann McKnight Jones and Dortha Onstott Jones. I am so thankful you all chose wisely and loved well.