The Treasure of Time Spent Together

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The Treasure of Time Spent Together

Today I saw online that one of my “Jr. Cousins”—a daughter of a cousin—is going to spend several weeks this summer with her grandparents in Nebraska. I am so excited for her. I would love to spend several weeks with her grandparents! They are some of my favorite people. Besides, they live in Nebraska. Enough said.


I told my junior cousin that she would never regret the time she spent with her grandparents. Specifically, the time where she is the only person there. I learned this lesson and I’m so thankful I did.


You see, when I was in my twenties I discovered that it was really cool to visit my grandparents without anyone else along. Especially without my parents. Now, don’t get me wrong. It was fun with them there too. But, I discovered an entirely different level of communication when it was just me and them. I don’t know if the difference was in my attitude or my grandparents’—maybe both—but I definitely felt like an adult talking to adults in a way I had never experienced before.


I heard some of the same stories, but I heard others. I found myself looking at them differently than I would have if my parents had been there to enter the conversation. I learned to appreciate my grandparents as individuals, adults, and even friends. That was the real treasure of the situation.


So today, when I realized a junior cousin was on her way to this kind of experience those mixed feelings bubbled up. Joy and even a bit of jealousy! All of my grandparents are now in heaven. I’ll have to wait until I get there to enjoy a day with them again. But, I AM thankful for every opportunity I had to spend time with them while they were here. I don’t regret one single moment. Not one.


What about you? If you have a grandma or grandpa still living, take it from me. It’s worth whatever you have to do to get there. Then you will understand the joy!