The Playlist in my Brain

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The Playlist in my Brain

When I left the house for my morning walk the sun still hadn’t peeked over the trees in our little valley. Oh, the sun had been up for nearly an hour, just not here! The air was cool,the morning fresh, and the birds were singing their hearts out.


Our neighborhood could be designated an aviary. We have so many old trees and the birds start chirping well before daylight,  never seeming to completely stop until the sun is down. It soothes my soul.


As I walked up the road past our house a chorus jumped out of its seat in the music repository of my brain, rushed to the microphone, and announced itself to the rest of my brain!


                The birds upon the treetops sing their song,

                The angels chant their chorus all day long,

                The flowers in the garden blend their hue,

                So why shouldn’t I, why shouldn’t you, praise Him too?

                                Author Unknown


I smiled. This is my life. My brain is 10% functional and 90% song lyrics. Or, that is how it seems.


It is now almost noon and I’ve been jotting down the names or first lines of songs that I find myself humming. So, here is my brain’s play-list for the morning of July 26, 2016


The Birds Upon The Treetops

Praise Him, Praise Him all ye little children

My God is so big, so strong and so mighty

I’m on the Top of the World

Moon River (when I saw a black cat) ????

Just a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down

No one ever cared for me like Jesus

How much is that doggie in the window

His eye is on the sparrow

O God, our help in ages past

I can only imagine

As a deer panteth for the water (when I saw a deer on my walk)

I love thy kingdom Lord

Channels Only

It’s Just Like His Great Love

There’s a song in the air (Christmas in July?)

O Safe to the rock that is higher than I

Jesus Savior, Pilot Me

I may have missed some, but that pretty much covers it.

“No One Ever Cared For Me Like Jesus” could have been on the list about ten times. It is my current “background music”. I tend to hit on a song and it gets stuck. Other songs pop into my head, but once they are done back it goes to the background piece. This can be annoying for the people around me! So, when I realize the record is stuck, I usually try to change to another song. Both times I caught myself humming that song this morning the alternate that immediately popped into my mind was, “How much is that doggie in the window.”


That I can’t explain! And, I’m not even going to try.


Do you have a song in your heart today? What is it? Share in the comments below!