The Great Idea

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The Great Idea

Tomorrow I will speak at the library in North Platte, Nebraska about Legacy. As I was preparing for this event I was reminded of a conversation my husband and I had the other day.

“Sometimes I wish I could ask Grandma Jones a few questions. But I can’t. She’s gone.”

“Like what,” I asked.

“Well, for one thing, what was her favorite part of living in the sod house?”

Good Old Days

I may or may not have given him a look that said “Favorite part? Are you crazy?”

What I said was that I didn’t remember her mentioning any particular good parts. Well, except she had a wood floor. She was right proud of her wood floor.

We went on to discuss the fact that she shared little bits with different ones of us and that’s when I got the Great Idea! Yes, those words need capitalized.

The Great Idea is this. What if at our next Jones Family Reunion we submitted questions that we would like to ask Grandpa and Grandma Jones? Then everyone in the room could tell what they remembered hearing from Grandpa and Grandma about those subjects. I know for a fact that our oldest cousin Gordon has more and different memories than the youngest one, Luke. Different ones of us spent time with them at different times in their lives. They probably shared things with some of us that the others have never heard. And then there is my dad’s generation. I’m sure they have even more information to add. Too bad our reunion is another two years away.

How about you? Do you have a reunion or event coming up? What about Thanksgiving or Christmas? Write down your questions and bring them up when you are all together. You just might find out a lot more than you ever knew! If you do this, I would love to hear your stories about how it worked!


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  1. Judy Taylor

    Miriam, we have a cousins reunion coming up in October. Thank you for sharing this. All my siblings all have varying memories of our grandparents. As we were planning last month one of my cousins ask if I knew what happened to a print my grandparents had. I had no memory of the print. My brother and another cousin remember it well.

    I think we will have everyone write a memory of our grandparents, aunts and uncles. WHat an adventure for the 3rd and 4th cousins who never met these relatives.