That One Little Mug-Celebrating our Uniqueness

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That One Little Mug-Celebrating our Uniqueness

Have you ever noticed someone who just doesn’t fit into the crowd? Maybe they are taller than everyone else, a different color from the rest, have an unusual stance, or maybe they have an attitude. Maybe they are too chatty. Maybe they make people uncomfortable with their truthfulness.


Or maybe they just march to a different drumbeat; heading the opposite direction from the rest. Like the mug in this photo.


My husband and I both love symmetry. He is a bit more predictable in his symmetrical tastes than I am, but then he’s more predictable than I am, period. So, when we arrange the mugs on our mug wall we always put them facing the same way. It just looks better.


But there is this one mug we found in an old china cabinet the other day. It was his mother’s. It’s a grandma mug and it is cute and cheerful. But, when I went to hang it on the mug wall there was a problem. If I put it facing the “proper” way its good side was in. Yes, you heard me right. The side that was out just had blue writing that said, “I love Grandma.” No bright red, yellow, green, pink, and blue. Just blue.


Now, I couldn’t have that, could I? How sad it would be to put the mug so its uncreative, non-happy side was hidden.


But that is what we do when we insist that a child—or an adult conform and hide their GOD-GIVEN idiosyncrasies. Yes, they do need to learn to function in the real world and sometimes that necessitates learning that there is a place for quirky and a place for conformity.


But, maybe our “real-world” isn’t so real anymore. Maybe by making everyone act “normal” we are stifling the creativity and variety that God wants us to have. We need a balance!


Oh, I know. Sometimes there are areas of our personality that can get extreme.  Like my dad told me when I tried to use God as an excuse for talking too much. “But that’s just the way God made me,” I spouted.


“But, does that mean He wants you to stay that way?” was his reply. There is the verse that says we are new creations when we become a child of God. But, that doesn’t change the underlying personality and gifts God gave us. Instead it gives us the new nature and the Holy Spirit to help direct those  quirks.


I’m talking about personality issues here, folks. Let’s celebrate all of our quirks and different drum beats. Let’s look for ways they can glorify God. Let’s be who God made us to be! If that means going against the flow, so be it.


My husband reminded me of an example. I once knew a little girl—about five or six years old—who came to church one Sunday with three pony tails, one on each side and one in the middle of her head—like a unicorn. Her mom simply smiled and said, “She did her own hair.” It didn’t hurt anyone. It fit this little girl’s personality. It put smiles on the faces of the adults around her. Win-Win!


At our house we are working on it by adjusting our attitude to the fact that one mug just has its own quirky stance. What about your house?


Psalm 139:14 I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.