Punkin Pie Trust

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This morning, needing to reboot my brain so that it wouldn’t be stuck on one problem and how it could be solved, I put on my walking shoes and ushered myself out the door. As I walked along the creek on the path to the park I reveled in God’s creation. Spring is finally coming to the mountains. The cool wind blew my hair around and with it went the cobwebs muddling my brain.


My mind started reviewing the attributes of God. Nature does that to me. Omnipotent, Omniscient—I love the sound of that word—Omnipresent. . . my mind hesitated. Everywhere present. He is right here with me.


I imagined Jesus walking beside me on the path, and you better believe it, I told him all about it. After my mind spit it all out verses started coming to me.


“Cast your care upon him, for he careth for you.” HE CARETH FOR YOU! WOW! I imagined all of my worries as big rocks. I piled them up in my arms, each with its name painted in bright primary colors. I took the pile over to Jesus and I dumped them. I felt lighter.


“Commit thy way unto the Lord, trust also in Him and He shall bring it to pass.” Trust. . . there’s that tough word again.


“Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and He shall direct thy paths.” Trust in the Lord with ALL my heart. ALL my heart.


At that moment a thought struck me. Is this my stumbling block with trust? Do I have the kind of trust that can dump every problem on Him, like a pile of rocks and walk away? Or is mine a puny intellectual trust that knows God is able, but doesn’t ever really dump and walk away?


Like a flash of lightening a memory shot into my mind. Grandpa McKnight was sitting in his chair, feet up on the stool in front of him. With his huge hands folded across his belly he waxed eloquent on the difference between Pumpkin Pie and Punkin Pie.


“Pumpkin pie, Miriam is great.” He grinned. “I can always eat pumpkin pie. But, well, it’s not the same thing as PUNkin pie, is it?” He unfolded his hands and rubbed them together, rolling his eyes a little. “PUNkin pie, now that’s the real deal Susie!”


And I thought, I’ve been depending on a pumpkin pie kind of trust. The kind that is easy to make. The kind that tastes a little like the real thing, but doesn’t quite satisfy. What I want, what I need is PUNkin pie trust.


But how to get that? So as I walked back home I thought about the steps to PUNkin pie trust.


Why do I trust my husband? Because I know him. I have experienced his honesty and trustworthiness over and over again. I know what I see is what I get with my husband. He speaks the truth. I can trust him.


If I don’t really know someone, I can’t really trust them. If I don’t depend on them and find them trustworthy I can’t grow more trust.


I started listing ways to trust more fully.


  1. Cast the problem at Jesus’ feet.
  2. Leave the problem there and let Him fix it.
  3. Focus on God instead of the problem.
  4. Repeat numbers one through three as often as needed.


And then, as I trudged up the hill to my house I realized something else. By doing this, by going through problems and trials I have the opportunity to cast the problems on God and watch Him solve them. And when He does it builds a real trust. A true trust. A PUNkin pie kind of trust!


That puts the whole thing in a different light doesn’t it?

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  1. Cyn Rogalski

    Thanks Miriam! Just the kick-in-the-butt–I mean, reminder about trust I needed!