Of Bookish Boxes, Innovation Challenges, and Bragging Rights

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Of Bookish Boxes, Innovation Challenges, and Bragging Rights

One of the hardest parts of living so far from my family is missing big events in my siblings, nieces, and nephews lives. Oh, we make it a priority to come to graduations etc. and if we can plan our trip around special events we DO. But sometimes those special events are unexpected or unplanned. And then I miss them.

But not this time.

I didn’t plan to come in June. First I planned to come in May. Then I changed to July to coordinate with some visiting extended family. But, when Lava in Hawaii happened, the July visitors couldn’t come. So, I decided on June. I’m glad I did.

I haven’t been out to my sister’s house in Nemo for awhile now. So, when my niece (the librarian-I’m so proud) called and said she was driving out to Nemo for the afternoon and did I want to go, I said “YES!” (Bonus: one-on-one time with a niece for an hour in the car.)

Once out at my sister’s house, the excitement started. First, I learned that Miranda Marie (niece 4) AKA “The Author” had not mailed my Bookish Box, but instead had saved it so I could open it here. My cousin Phyllis who came with me—well, technically I came with her since she picked me up at the airport in Kansas City and we drove on out—also had ordered a Bookish Box. So we opened them together.

Azalei’s Riders, Azalei’s Strategy, and Azalei’s Fall are all available on Amazon!

What is a “Bookish Box”, you ask? Well, here’s what I have learned. It is something the younger set of authors is doing for promotion. When a book is released they offer a Bookish Box and you can purchase it. Along with the book—or in this case books since her new release is a trilogy—come book themed little gifts. For instance, her trilogy is about Dragons—yes, dragons and how they save the world—so the gifts in the box were all dragon related. A bracelet with a dragon charm. A tube of dragon Chap Stick—lavender scented, a dragon candle, a knitted dragon necklace, bookmarks, and my favorite—a dragon cloth bag to carry a book in. I got the box for the price of the three books! Win, win! These boxes help generate buzz and excitement around the books release as many bloggers like to buy the boxes.

So, there I sat with my amazing 21 year old author-niece opening my bookish box.

It. Was. Amazing! A huge event in her life and I was there!

A few minutes later as I sat in a “my niece is an author and I couldn’t be prouder” glow an incredible lightning bolt of excitement hit the house.

“THEY WON!” my sister screamed, she and her laptop levitating from the couch.

Now, this wasn’t just one scream. It was screamed, shouted, crowed, choked, and gleefully bellowed. (I know they say you are only supposed to use the word “said” when making speaker attributions, but it is a true-fact that in this case my sister did all of those.)

To explain this outburst I need to tell you about my nephew Jon and what he was up to. Jon just graduated from the Community College here in Rapid and has a great job with a local electrician.  While in school, one of his classes put together a proposal for the 4th Annual Community College Innovation Challenge. To our delight, his team was in the top ten schools which meant that they were able to go to Washington DC and present their idea. It was a contest so yesterday they learned who won, and you’ve got it. Jon’s team won!

I will NEVER EVER forget the look on my sister’s face and the uproar/excitement in the room when she got the two word message from Jon. Never.


Jon and team. Jon is second from the right.

I am proud of ALL of my nieces and nephews and their accomplishments. But, this trip. . . I salute Miranda Marie and Jonathan Eggers for their talent, their dedication, and their enthusiastic spirits. And I salute their homeschooling parents, Norman and Cheryl Eggers who, in my opinion, have every right to be proud!

And one more thing. I thank the Lord that he sent me home in June.


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  1. Miranda Marie

    We’re so glad you could be here to share in the fun, Aunt Miriam. It’s always so, so nice when you get to come home! <3