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OLD PIANO KEYBOARDSunday I had the privilege of playing the piano for church. At various times in my life I’ve played every time the church doors were open, but since we have been in transit so much the past few years my piano playing has been more of the fill-in kind. I’m thankful for every opportunity because music is therapy for me. It is how I worship best.

Often when we have visited churches they happen to be in desperate need of a pianist that day. Their pianist is sick. Their pianist is on vacation. Their pianist moved. Because of the way I was raised—to jump in and help if I’m able—I volunteer. While this has been an incredible blessing for me, it brings up a troubling trend. There is a serious lack of church pianists out there.

True, we come from musical people, but our parents were determined that we would have enough musical training to be able to serve in church.

No, not everyone has the gift of music. No, God doesn’t want everyone to be a church pianist. But, I have a feeling there is a great untapped level of gifting and talent out there.

The incredible power of music has been much on my mind lately. In my latest release the children use music to help an Alzheimer’s patient remember the answer to a critical clue. It isn’t just a made up plot element. It is solidly based in scientific studies! I am so impressed by the power of music in treatment of people with dementia. I would love for you to click on this photo and check out the website of this group who is promoting the use of music in patient’s with dementia.

sheet music

You see, whether we enjoy music in corporate worship at church, in the privacy of our own home, or in a concert hall, music is a gift from God. A gift that just keeps on giving. Don’t waste that gift.

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  1. Judy Taylor

    I saw the Glenn Campbell special of his last tour and his wife sharing their Alzheimer journey. He remembered the music clearly as he struggled with language and other tasks. It is amazing but one day all Christians will sing a song of praise even the angels do not know. I wait with anticipation to hear the song of praise our Creator has tucked in hidden in our being and spirit. Great message. Thank you.