Lessons from a Chewbacca Mask

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Lessons from a Chewbacca Mask

Right up front there are a couple of things I think I should share about myself. Confessions of a sort. First, I have never seen Star Wars.

Okay. Take a minute to process that. I know some of you need it. After all, I remember the look on my husband’s face when I blithely informed him of this fact.

It just isn’t my genre.

So, it should come as no surprise that until recent events I had zero idea what a Chewbacca is. I do now.


Yesterday morning I got up early to work on a small editing project for a friend, and as is my pattern I skimmed through social media while drinking a cup of coffee. I couldn’t help but smile when I saw the happy faced lady with the strange mask. So, I watched the video. I laughed until I cried. Such an infectious laugh. So much joy. I watched it twice.


Then, this morning (while having coffee) I found a second video. It was the same “Chewbacca Lady!” She was speaking at a Fine Arts Event, telling about the events of the past two days. I was more and more excited as lesson after lesson popped out of her mouth! She had so much to share in such a short time! Wow! Just Wow!

chewbacca lady


So, I want to give you five lessons I learned from (or was reminded of) by the “Chewbacca Lady.”

1. Joy comes from letting God use you how he made you!

This woman didn’t hold back. She let her personality shine, come what may. She didn’t worry about how it looked, what people would think. She just shared her joy with others, and that joy spread. Everywhere.

2. After times of loss we can get our joy back.

She spoke in the second video about what happened when she saw herself with the mask on and the Chewbacca’s head was thrown back in laughter. She realized that the Chewbacca had his joy back. After all, she said, Han Solo was dead. That was sad. But, it brought her joy to think that the Chewbacca could get his joy back. Sometimes, when slogging through grief that truth can be elusive. It is nice to have this reminder.

3. Sometimes you just have to laugh. Don’t hold back.

She spoke of trying to get control and stop laughing, but she just. couldn’t. quit. Laughing. There are moments like this in life and they are really awesome stress-relievers. Enjoy them!

4. God wants more from us that a willing heart.

Yes, we are all given a gift from God. Yes, he wants us to be willing and surrendered to letting him use them. But there are some other things we should be. Diligent. Patient. Obedient. We can be gifted, willing, and driven to be our best, but if we aren’t diligent, patient, or obedient He won’t be able to use us to our full capacity. Powerful stuff.

5. When God opens a door, no matter how unexpected and unusual, GO with it!

Use the opportunity you have been given. And have fun while you do it.

So, thank you Mrs. Chewbacca Lady. Thank you for the laughs. Thank you for the lessons. And, thank you most of all for being who God made you to be!

What about you? What lessons did you learn from the Chewbacca Lady?