Benefits of Transitional Seasons – Like Snow on Leaves

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Leaves shouted their existence with riotous color as the branches, clothed in pure white demanded recognition of the soon demise of Autumn. I stood in my kitchen, gazing in wonder at the five inches of snow blanketing the deck and the back half of our property.

 snow november 2014

  My heart jumped with delight at the whiteness. Snow makes me happy. But then the leaves,   jostled by the wind waved at me. What about us? We aren’t through yet, you know! We thought Autumn was your favorite season. Traitor!


That night the wind howled. I snuggled deeper under the covers and listened to the sound of trees bending and swaying, the gusts inevitably tearing more leaves from the trees. Still,  the wind comforted me. The sounds of windy nights always bring memories of my  childhood in the Great Plains. Comfort food for the mind.


The next morning, the view out the back window was admittedly less pleasant. No snow. Noticeably fewer leaves. But then I peeked as far left as I could and there they were. Some trees still gloriously covered in bright yellow leaves. On our way to and from church we saw more vibrant trees shouting the triumphant survival of Autumn.


Yes, the snow warns that winter is coming. We must prepare but we can still enjoy some Autumn before Winter arrives for good.


I love the fact that God gives us some warning.


I have a set of four paper “lampshades” that fit on top of a night-light. They are seasonal. So, on the first day of Autumn I fulfill my ritual and I change the lampshade. When winter comes, I change it again. Each season is acknowledged by the changing of the lampshade. It is a rare day indeed that I change it early or late. No, it must be on the FIRST day of the season.


God isn’t that way. Otherwise, one day would be beautiful crisp Autumn with picture perfect leaves, and the next Winter, complete with a blizzard. How would we adjust to that?


Not well, I’m afraid.


And while we are thinking about transitional benefits let us not forget aging. Now, I don’t consider myself old but I’ve had a rather shocking episode of aging this summer. With the failure of my tendon I’ve faced the reality that I’m not as young as I used to be.


If someone had told me in June that I would be JOYFULLY wearing a brace on my left foot, a brace I very well may have to wear for the rest of my life I’m afraid my reaction would not have been pleasant or accepting! But throw in a few months of inability to function and well, the brace seems like a friend.


So, I’ll enjoy the next few days of beautiful sixty degree afternoons and crisp nights. Maybe I’ll take my new brace and go for a walk stomping in the crunchy leaves, thankful for the ability to walk. My eyes will notice and file away every beautiful tree I see. But, when the temperature drops again later this week I’ll give thanks. After all, when December 21st arrives I’ll not only be ready to change the lampshade, but ready to delight in the beauty of winter: sun shining like glass on snow-covered trees, snowstorms, hot chocolate, and snow angels!


Ecclesiastes 3:1 To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:

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