Batman and the Flip-Flop

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Batman and the Flip-Flop

This morning I took a pile of envelopes to the mailbox. They were long overdue thank-you notes. Wow! What a relief to get that “chore” done. Yet, it didn’t seem so much of a chore when I finally got started. After all, there is something very uplifting about writing a thank-you note. Not only are you doing the right thing, but the actual reviewing of what the recipient did for you can be very encouraging. After all, isn’t it amazing to remember kindnesses shown to you?


Thank you’s are also fun to receive. If nothing else, they are another communication with someone you care about. One of my thank-you notes was to my cousin who hosted us in her home in November. (I told you they were way overdue.) I threw in a fun comment as I was writing. I thanked her for the Batman Story. You see, not only did she provide us with a place to stay, she also provided me with an idea for a blog post! So, here it is.


Batman and the Flip-Flop


First off, you have to realize that my husband and I are not really cat people. Oh, cats like us all right. In fact, cats really seem to like my husband which annoys him. He believes they like him just to annoy him.


Batman, as you can imagine is a black cat. But, surprisingly, BatMAN is not a man. Batman is a dainty pretty female. This is because of an honest mistake on the part of the previous owner and once a cat has a name, why change it? Really. Who cares, right?


So, my cousin kindly gave us her room and moved upstairs to a single bed. We were grateful, but aware that Batman may see this as an intrusion into her domain. The evening was uneventful except for Batman’s insistence on personal space intrusion behaviors. This is what I call a cat using me as a walk path. I believe this to be a sign of a passive-aggressive feline.


Off to bed we all went, looking forward to a good night’s sleep. I was just drifting off when I heard an exclamatory remark from my husband. I don’t remember now what word he used. It was probably “NO” but I do remember the tone. It was that “the cat just jumped from the floor to the bed landing right on top of me just as I was drifting off” tone.


I’m not absolutely sure Batman wasn’t as surprised as Bruce. After all, maybe Batman didn’t realize her owner was upstairs. I’m trying to give her the benefit of the doubt, but I’m pretty sure my cousin made sure the cats knew where she was. Uh-huh. Passive-aggressive.


So, Bruce bopped the intruder on the head and Batman made her exit from the bed. Bruce heard some sliding and skittering on the floor and then all was quiet. We slept.


My cousin was off to work early the next morning and a few minutes later Bruce sat up, put his feet over the edge of the bed and felt around for his flip-flops. One flip-flop was where it should be, but not the other one. He got down and looked under the bed. He turned on the light. We both looked. Our search area grew until we were searching upstairs. The flip-flop was gone.

flip flop

So was Batman. Not a black hair did we see.


All morning we continued our search. We found a flashlight and peeked into dark corners, under furniture, anywhere a passive-aggressive cat might hide an intruder’s flip-flop. No luck.


When Cousin Phyllis arrived home we told her what happened and she giggled. We did too, honestly. We had gained a grudging respect for this cat. After all, we were the intruders. . .


When Phyllis found Batman, she wouldn’t look at her. Apparently Batman has a conscience. Good to know.


The next morning, Bruce stayed at the house to pack up our belongings while Phyllis and I went to the church where I was speaking to the students at the Christian School. Just as I was getting ready to start my second session, I noticed my phone light up.


“Found the flip-flop.”


Turns out Batman had pushed the flip-flop clear up to the top of the bed and then wedged it behind the leg of the frame in such a way that it couldn’t be seen. Only when my husband pushed the bed a little did he find it. Clever. Very clever, Batman.


Batman 1, Intruders 0.