A Time Capsule of Sorts

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A Time Capsule of Sorts

Every time I pull out our little red rice cooker my husband says, “There’s a big one somewhere in the basement.” To be honest, I was kind of tired of hearing it.

This past week’s house project included cleaning out one area of the basement so that we could make a tool and work area for Bruce. Guess what we found right where he thought it was? Yep, the rice cooker.

We pulled it out and set it on the back steps to take upstairs when we were done. Sunday morning we took it out of the box. We wanted rice for dinner and thought there was no time like the present.

It was something more than an old rice cooker. It was kind of like a little time capsule.

rice box

Here are the facts:

This rice cooker has never been used.

It has been there for years.

It is Japanese. It was most likely purchased in Japan and brought to Bruce’s Grandma or mother by his Uncle who lived in Japan. The box still has his last name written on it with marker.

It is in perfect shape.

The instructions are written in English, but by someone for whom English is a second language. It is much better English than foreign instructions today.

There are many more things you can cook in a rice cooker besides just rice!

The cloth wrapped cord was still tightly coiled, just like it came from the company.

There are Japanese characters on the power plug.

rice cooker

It doesn’t appear to be worth a lot of money per my research online.

It makes awesome rice.

I wondered why my mother-in-law never used the rice cooker. Then, I looked at the tiny kitchen she had and realized that if I was wondering where I was going to keep it in my new, roomier kitchen; she surely wouldn’t have had room for another appliance. One that was taking the place of a simple pot she could use for many tasks.

My husband shared more with me about his Uncle and what a wonderful event it was when he came to visit. I listened and learned more about this family I joined ten years ago.

I am currently writing a mystery set in Saluda, NC. The kids in my mystery find a time capsule buried in a tater house. They learn things about people who lived long ago. People they will never meet.

Just like I did with the rice cooker. Maybe I’ll call it my rice capsule. Or time cooker. Hmm. Maybe I’ll work on that idea some more!


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  1. Judy Taylor

    I enjoyed your story….because I can sooo relate. I have had some of my Mom’s belongings stored in my dining room for five years. Last month I began to unpack them. It brought many memories and joy as I thoughtfully considered who would use and be blessed by each item. I had a difficukt time letting go of my Grandmother’s cast iron pot. Visions of a pot roast cooked in this well seasoned pot and memories of chicken and corn meal dumplings my mother prepared in this pot had me hanging on to that pot. Finally I made a call to my nephew. He will treasure that family heirloom.
    Most importsnt he lives to cook in cast iron and will prepare many meals in Grandmother’s pot. It’s days of meal prep in the fireplace may be over but more memories will be added instead of that treasure collecting dust.

    • admin

      I love this! I absolutely get unhappy if I have to use something besides my (handed down) cast iron pots. They just have so much more character. I love that you are passing things on. We have done a lot of that too!