A “Someday in Heaven” Week

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A “Someday in Heaven” Week


I don’t often have strong moments of missing my mother. She went to heaven when I was ten, so it has been a lot of years.

But, last Sunday as the soloist sang, a thought flashed through my head that led to a sudden sadness. “Mommy would have loved that song (Grace) and she would have sung it.”

Then, the pianist hit a really interesting key change and I thought, “That would be fun to play.”

That’s when the moment of sadness hit. When my mother died I lost the opportunity to ever accompany her on the piano.

But, just as quickly as the sadness arrived, a response which I’m sure was prompted by the Holy Spirit popped into my head. “Ah, Miriam, someday in heaven.

It has been a “Someday in Heaven” sort of a week.

This week a sweet friend from work held her Papa’s hand as he went to heaven. I wrote about him recently; I wrote of his love for his little great-granddaughters. It was a powerful thing to see.

Another day, one of my favorite guys—my best friend’s Dad—graduated to heaven. It is good to know he suffers no more. He fought valiantly and lived with grace and truth. But, oh the hole he leaves. We will miss his humor, wisdom, and love.

Us with Mom and Dad Clark

And then, tragic news of a friend’s son in his first year of college, unexpectedly called home. So much unused potential, we think.

But God, He is good all of the time. He is with us through it all.

I began to dread looking at emails and facebook, or receiving calls. It was so much sadness and loss. Heaven sure was looking better and better.

Then, I was reminded of a letter Grandpa McKnight sent me a couple of years before he went to heaven. In it he started listing all of the people he was anxious to see again in heaven. To be honest it made me nervous. I didn’t want him focusing on that! It seemed too much like a “goodbye, I’m tying up loose ends” kind of letter. It made me sad. But, now I get it.

Live for Jesus

He was reminding himself of the glorious hope we have in Christ. There will be a day. A day of no more tears. No more goodbys. No more parting. No more sin. No more pain.

And maybe on THAT day, I’ll accompany my mother as she sings a song for Jesus. Just think. . .


Folly Beach MM 080

As I wrote this, one line from the song on Sunday came back to me. It is a powerful truth.

Your will cannot lead me where your grace cannot keep me. (Grace by Carolyn Hamlin)


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  1. Lee Peterson

    Miriam, beautiful post. Today in church I preached out of Romans 5:1-5. The title of my message was Hope to Hope. The passage speaks about our hope that we have in our future glory and how God grows that hope or assurance through trials. Trials draw us closer to God and give us a longing and assurance of future glory-‘heaven.’ It will be a wonderful time when we have no more sin, sickness, or death; also, to see those that we love who have passed before us. Of course, the greatest will be to bask in the loving presence of our Savior. Thanks for the post.

    Lee Peterson

    • admin

      Such a spectacular truth. One we should focus on more! Thanks for commenting. Greet your wife for me. I’ll be praying for you all!