A Legacy of Happy Flowers

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Last night I ate flowers. Yep, that’s right. I am staying with friends in Pennsylvania while I visit schools and my friend grows flowers. She has quite the ministry of making up arrangements of cut flowers to take to shut-ins, those suffering a loss, or just someone needing a little encouragement. This is actually a legacy she received from her mother who grew roses and gave them away.


She learned recently that you can eat nasturtiums. Now, I couldn’t have told you what nasturtiums looked like before this visit but overnight they have become one of my favorites. They are happy flowers. They shout happy. The bright yellow and orange petals make me smile every time I see them. So, when they were placed on the table to be used on top of our salad I was intrigued.

 nasturtiums in salad

They didn’t taste bad. They really didn’t have a lot of taste at all, but my! They did make my salad happy.


Since the conversation at the table had turned to happy flowers I told them the story of my flowers this summer.


The other morning  I glanced out the back door and saw two bright spots in the fading garden. They were lone flowers waving bravely above the clover and weeds. I laughed.


“Look at those two flowers. Out of the three rows of flowers I planted this Spring, only two flowers came up. Disappointing, to say the least.


But, are they nothing but a disappointment? No, those flowers are delightful and possibly even more noticeable because there were only two.


I planted the rows of flowers in memory of a friend who died a couple of years ago. Besides, it reminded me of my Aunt Florence. Aunt Florence was Grandma Jones’ sister and her garden always seemed as much about flowers as food.


Then there was my Aunt Twyla. She always planted petunias in her flower beds. I loved the happy things and every Spring I plant some of my own. This year I put them on the front porch. There are still some of them blooming at the end of the porch.


But the crowning glory of my gardening this summer were the moss roses. The first time I ever saw moss roses was in California. Mom chose them because we lived in a desert and they work really well in severe heat and lots of sun.


“I’m going to plant moss roses on the back deck,” I enthusiastically informed  Bruce. “They will do well there. I love moss roses. They are so very beautiful.”  And on I went!


He was agreeable, but I could tell he didn’t understand my excitement.


So, I did. I planted several pots of moss roses and put them on the porch. Over the next few weeks they gradually gained their footing in the planters until one day they burst into a riotous mass of color. When I looked out onto the deck it took my breath away. So many happy colors all in one place.


And one day while I was at work I received a text message from Bruce. This is what I saw on my phone.

 moss roses

Yep, now he gets it!


So, whether it is a riotous mass of moss roses on the deck, the long- blooming petunias on the porch, or the two brave flowers waving gaily in the garden I delight in the flowers at my house. And, even more in the dear friends and family of whom those flowers remind me!


Now though, I’m going to have to find some nasturtium seeds. I can’t wait to have a little splash of happy flowers in my salad at home!

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